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About our School

Douglas MacArthur, located across the street from Del Valle Park, reflects California's diversity as well as its vibrant future.

Our Staff recognizes the importance of working collaboratively and providing an atmosphere in which high academic and behavioral standards are expected. Our fourth and fifth grade students exercise leadership through participation in the Student Council.

We are honored to be a part of the Lakewood community which supports us in such ways as monetary grants, high school ROP seniors working to earn volunteer hours, and our PTA which supports our many extra activities.

All students are accountable for their learning and are given the tools to become leaders of tomorrow!

Vision & Mission Statement


MacArthur Elementary School promotes academic success and character development for all students. Students are encouraged to take risks in their thinking and reflect on their learning to become literate individuals. Students are taught to communicate with clarity and work collaboratively with others.



We, the staff at MacArthur Elementary, promote character development and academic success by nurturing a “Growth Mindset” in our students that encourages risk taking, and reflection to become literate individuals; individuals who can clearly communicate and work collaboratively with others.


Our MacArthur family is a team or community of learners consisting of parents, students, teachers, and other school staff. We clearly communicate learning intentions and goals. Our family fosters a culture of scholarliness, academic achievement, and ethical character development. By encouraging a “Growth Mindset,” we are committed to creating critical thinkers, problem solvers, and students who are college and career ready who will ultimately contribute to society.


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