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KeyBoarding Skills


Keyboarding is a crucial skill for using computers as an integrated learning tool. The goal of teaching keyboarding is to help students become more comfortable using the computer to gather information, solve problems, and communicate their knowledge.Students are encouraged to practice keyboarding at home as well as in school.


Keyboarding is the penmanship of the computer age, and it is extremely important to encourage and develop good keyboarding habits right from the start. Many of our students already explore computers in their homes and/or classrooms.  As students move up through the grades, some Teachers may require homework or reports typed out on a computer.   Early practice and repetition that focuses on proper keyboarding technique, accuracy and speed will help your student become more comfortable on the computer.

Our newly adopted Common Core program supports the development and benefits of good keyboarding techniques starting at an early age. 


Please click on the links below for fun ways for your child to learn and grow their keyboarding skills:


Dance Mat - Fun and interactive  

Bubble Pop - test your speed and accuracy  

Keyboard Game

Find The Letter Game  

Keyboard Climber Game  


Typing Monster - typing full sentences - for the more experienced keyboardist  


keyboarding layout